Can Panthers Be Kept As Pets? 16 Impressive Panther Facts

How to buy a panther

Panthers are decidedly not docile and definitely not a good candidate for domestication. Some others allow you to own a panther, provided you have a permit. Surprisingly, many European countries, such as Germany, France, and the Czech Republic, also allow you to own a pet panther with a license. Yes, you can have a pet panther in some places, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

How to buy a panther

They require large amounts of high-quality raw meat, bones, and carcasses in order to remain healthy. Like all animals, Panthers will get bored of not stimulated and need a variety of toys to keep them entertained. There are no known sightings of this cat anywhere in the world. Unconfirmed sightings are attributed to wrong classifications of the species. Cats love to play with you and most of them like to be petted. The instincts of a wild animal exist still in them and you never know when they get out of control.

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We have been raising exotic animals dating back to 2010. Buy exotic cubs and be a lucky customer by sharing the experience of owning an exotic pet. It’s totally understandable that people ask if they can own one when they see famous persons with their wild and exotic pets.

How to buy a panther

You have a high likelihood of being disappointed and your chameleon may suffer for it. There are cat breeds that can look like black panthers and are safer than panthers. The first type of cat that looks like a panther is the Bombay cat. Bombay cats look like black panthers, and they are both related because they are the same species.

When In Florida

Even though they are cute today, they will be dangerous in the future once they grow up. You can own a pet panther if you have managed to get a permit to own one. However, even though you have managed to have a permit, you will never maintain or How to buy a panther take care of them as the zoos and reservations do. The Florida panther is listed as endangered since 1967 and once there were only 25 individuals living in the wild. While the population is now growing again we still must protect the species.

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I haven’t seen any panther chameleon egg advertising that sells off of the female coloration. I mentioned the pro that buying an egg gives the buyer time to research and put together a proper set-up. This is a false pro because that is only a benefit for me as an educator. Saying that an impulse purchase of an egg is better than an impulse purchase of a juvenile is not a compelling argument.

  • If you are observant you may be able to catch it in time to change something and bring them back out of it.
  • You can only have a permit if you have proven that you can maintain and take care of a pet panther.
  • But if there are trees around, panthers have a high chance to slaughter the lion.
  • So, yes, reduced upfront cost is a pro on the surface, but it is a pro that comes with a lot of baggage that the chameleon then has to shoulder and suffer for.
  • On a scale of fluffy Labrador puppy to a great white shark, panthers probably fall somewhere in the middle.
  • I know having one chameleon hatch is exciting so three should be three times exciting, but that just means you need three cages.

The ownership of wild animals is highly regulated this is especially for those who can be dangerous for neighbors and other people around. In the United States, many states have laws that prohibit dangerous exotic animals, including the panthers. All you can do to have one is to get a permit from them. You can only have a permit if you have proven that you can maintain and take care of a pet panther.

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You will have everything you need and so all that is left is for you to make a highly educated decision as for what is best for you. The deceptive pro is that it is cheaper to buy an egg. While, on the surface it is correct, the upfront cost is lower in monetary terms, you have to ask what you gave up to get that savings in money. Remember all those protections that the breeder took on to be able to provide you with a well started juvenile?

The only thing stopping you from being wildly successful and having a great experience is knowing the care and being ready for when the egg hatches. And to those who have made it to this point, the truth is that it isn’t hard if you do it right. Thinking that raising a hatchling is easy will hurt you only if you take that as an excuse to be lazy, skimp on the research, and just expect it to happen.

Keeping this big cat as a “pet” obviously comes with more than a few risks and, therefore, responsibilities. Panthers can be pets if you have managed to get a license permit. We humans should help each other to preserve these animals, not change them for who they are not. This is also one of the reasons why the governments prevent people from having a pet panther. Humans are the main threat to the survival of the panthers. Their population is shrinking along with their habitats.

Panthers Are Wild Animals

A large habitat with shelter, fences and everything else will cost a fortune. This page is a module in a self-guided, multi-media course on the care of a Panther Chameleon hatchling. I you are finding this course through this module you can go to the home page and learn more about the outreach. This course is designed to be studied chronologically to start at episode 1.

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